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Separated and miserable, Thanquil Darkheart and Jezzet Vel’urn both have their reasons for wanting to leave the Dragon Empire.

Jezzet flees from the wrathful fury of an Empress scorned while accompanied by the ever insidious Drake Morrass and Thanquil sets out to find and judge his one heretical loose end.”

Title: The Price of Faith

Series: The Ties That Bind #3

Author: Rob J. Hayes

Page Count: 370

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Date Read: March 28th, 2024

Yet another series comes to completion for me with reading The Price of Faith by Rob J. Hayes. This was the third book in the Ties That Bind series. I’m not sure if all three of these were the first three books released by this author or not as I know he has quite a few books and series out in the wilds at this point. I do recall seeing that book one was his first release and I could even see the growth in that first book alone let alone as the series progressed. By this point things definitely had that RJH feeling that I’ve come to expect whether its fantasy or science fiction.
I don’t know if it had been too long between reading books one, two and then three here from this series, but I honestly thought at least one of the characters first mentioned in The Price of Faith had died earlier in the series. Or that may just be my poor memory showing itself again. Either way, we have a lot of characters, history and story coming full circle by the end of the third book here and it was a pleasure to see it happen.
The pacing was solid. To this date I have yet to get a feeling of a slog with anything I’ve read from this author. I felt that Jaret Ross did a really good job narrating the audiobook version. His performance certainly helped bring this world and it’s characters to life.
The worldbuilding was good. It didn’t feel like we added a lot of girth to the world but a bit more depth in the third book. One of the most interesting aspects was the focus on the Empress and her dragons. Even if she might not be that likeable I thought this added a nice bit of depth to things mentioned throughout the series. There is also some further revealing history that “ties” so much together.
The character development was nicely done. Even though I thought we had lost a character or two that returned in this story, I really liked how things came together throughout this one to the end. There were some really good revealing moments that were surprising for me which if done nicely is always an excellent addition to a read. I’ll try to prevent mentioning any names directly which may be a bit of a spoiler but I think one of my favorite character developments was the tattoo rune covered templar killing machine. The moment he returns to the story was tense and awesome.
In researching a couple of items for this review I found out that one of my only remaining reads left (other than his latest Kickstarter series) is actually a duology diving deeper into Drake Morass so I suppose this trilogy is finished but I still have a bit more to experience within this world at least. I’m expecting some exciting tales to be presented in Where Loyalties Lie and The Fifth Empire of Man.
I would certainly recommend that if you’ve made it this far in the series, continue to wrap it up. If you haven’t dipped into The Ties That Bind yet and you’re looking for a darker fantasy read with some depth to the world and characters, give this one a shot.

World Building 4/5
Pacing 4.5/5
Character Development 4/5

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