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Book Review: The Revenge of Thousands

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“Before we were TRAITORS…
Before there was a GRAVE waiting for us all..
While more than WORMS remained…
It started with a war. It began with REVENGE.”

Title: The Revenge of Thousands

Series: Crown and Tide #0.5

Author: Michael Roberti

Page Count: 134

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Date Read: March 1st, 2024

The Revenge of Thousands by Michael Roberti is a prequel to The Traitors We Are, though I would certainly recommend reading it after the latter. I feel it’s strong enough on it’s own to be read initially but I’m not sure the reader would have as strong of a connection to these characters without that story first being told. At least that is the order I’ve read it in and how I felt about it.
This one had been on my radar for a few months but Michael reached out to me regarding book two coming out very soon so I figured I better get this one worked into my rotation sooner rather than later. And yes, A Grave for Us All is also in my rotation over the next month or two here still.
The pacing was smooth with a good amount of ebb and flow just like book one had. The Revenge of Thousands had a very epic fantasy feel to it considering it was the length of a novella. To anyone that has read the first book in the series these should be very familiar characters and locations.
The worldbuilding from my perspective simply added more depth to the story I’ve already been told. It was interesting to get these additional layers of things that transpired in The Traitors We Are. Other than that, I wouldn’t say there is much new here. I’ve tried to put myself into the point of view being a reader entering the series with this book and I just can’t imagine. I think it may be strong enough to hold up on its own and still be a good sample of Michael’s style but I just can’t say for sure.
The character development was good. Again it’s difficult for me to picture these character arcs on their own without my previous knowledge of them. However, I will say that this really did add to several arcs when looking at the overall works combine both this book and the first. It just added even more to helping me understand what these characters have gone through and what they may have been thinking when events were transpiring.
To me this book immediately and continually provided me two things. The first is a nice reminder of the characters and events from The Traitors We Are and second to add so much more depth to those characters. Most of this novella provided additional insight or points of view from things that happened in book one that we weren’t privy to in that read. I felt book one was a very good length though so I’m happy that Michael decided to provide this information to the reader in this format instead of dumping all of this into that first book.
If you’ve read The Traitors We Are and enjoyed it, I’d highly recommend picking this one up. If you read this before book one, I’m not sure how that would go but I will say keep in mind this is only a small part of what is going on in this world. I still think it’s a good representation of the story the author is providing with the series regardless.
The only constructive criticism I had with this read was that the Kindle version I was reading didn’t seem as polished from an editing view as The Traitors We Are. I did come across a handful or more of editing issues in the form of typos or incorrect words that didn’t seem to fit what was trying to be said. These weren’t a huge issue but I don’t recall book one having this issue.

World Building 4/5
Pacing 4/5
Character Development 4/5

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