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Book Review: Echoes of Dragons

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“A decade after Mythnium’s suns eclipse each other, the White Lord’s malignant shadow stretches north to Mythos once more. There, he unleashes his secret a massive dragon long thought to be extinct. Three groups of travelers set off on separate journeys, drawn toward the elven city of Elmnas and the answers they hope to find within. Along the way, they face strange factions of creatures united against them as the White Lord’s influence grows. As their paths intersect, the travelers face an uncertain new world where echoes of dragons come to life.”

Title: Echoes of Dragons

Series: Awakenings #1

Author: C. Borden

Page Count: 322

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Date Read: February 12th, 2024

Echoes of Dragons by C. Borden was my thirty-third read from my personal SPFBO-9 TBR list. This was one of those shot in the dark adds based solely on the cover and blurb as I knew nothing of the author coming into this one. I am so happy that I added this this the list. This read was a pleasant surprise.
This was also my February read for Trudie Skies’s Domain Reading Challenge which was a book focused on animals. The animals in this case being dragons of course.
The pacing was done well. This felt very much like a traditional fantasy read for me. There is plenty of action to keep things exciting but there is also a lot going on to lay plans for the world, the characters and the story in general in this read. I never had a feeling of working through a slog at any point of this read though. The only thing that affected my pacing on a personal level is the copy of the book I read through Kindle Unlimited was formatted as the first 40 some chapters weren’t recognized as individual on my Kindle. This meant when I started reading it state I had over 8 hours until the end of the chapter. The last few chapters worked fine though. This is simply one of those personal things as I like to set my goal or reading expectations whenever I get a chance to sit down. I’m one of those readers that really doesn’t like to stop in the middle of a chapter.
The world building was also grand both in scale of the world geographically as well as the races and creatures within. This was another aspect that really gave me that traditional fantasy vibe. Stories with humans, dwarves, elves and so forth are fairly common. We don’t get a lot of stories with drow, merfolk and mulig. And of course we have dragons! There are even clear differences between cultures and regions within races such as the dwarves and elves. With all of these wonderful races there is of course a good helping of magic within this story to keep things interesting too.
The character development was also nicely done in Echoes of Dragons. There are quite a few characters introduced and to keep up with in book one. But I never really felt overwhelmed before several paths converged and of course got much easier to keep up with at that time. I’m anxious to see what happens both with our group of protagonists as well as a couple of our antagonists as this series continues. There are so many mysteries still yet to reveal with our characters. I’m also wondering how much more involvement we may see from the gods of this world in future books.
Another really nice touch I want to mention with the version I read is the quotes or passages that start each chapter. I ended up highlight many of them as they were really great statements and often deep to get a reader thinking not just of the story but of life in general.
All in all this was one of those really nice surprised that I probably never would have found without competitions like SPFBO and others that can help get authors exposure win or lose.
If you’re a reader who loves traditional fantasy bordering on epic that includes plenty of fantastica races and creations with magic and of course dragons, this might be a good one to fit into your list of books to check out.

World Building 4.5/5
Pacing 4/5
Character Development 4/5

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