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Book Review: Replacement

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“Jane is a leftover clone. Created for an unknown purpose, then abandoned at a rundown facility outside Grid City, she has a knack for trouble and a burning desire to find out why she was made.

When a powerful tycoon hires her to replace his son Isaac’s best friend, a girl from the same clone batch as her, Jane jumps at the chance to finally get some answers. All she has to do is convince the charming Isaac that his friend is still alive, without getting too close to him. Stepping into someone else’s life isn’t easy, though, even when you have the same genes.

As Jane struggles to survive at Isaac’s elite private school, she discovers the other clone’s death was no accident—and she might be next. She must solve her batchmate’s murder and unravel the mystery of their origins before the killer comes for her too.”

Title: Replacement

Series: The Lost Clone #1

Author: Jordan Rivet

Page Count: 314

Genre: Science Fiction

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Date Read: December 27th, 2023

Replacement by Jordan Rivet was my final full read from the first round of the SPSFC-3 competition. As always the thoughts and scores below are strictly my own and may not reflect the overall scores from Team Peripheral Prospectors. I still plan to circle back and read some of the others that were intriguing to me but just didn’t click with me or didn’t seem as polished as others.
Let me start by saying the mystery within Replacement was amazing! I love a good mystery as a main focus or heavy backdrop for both science fiction and fantasy reads. I think one of my biggest hang-ups personally for the story was it seemed a bit more geared towards the young adult whether that was intentional or not.
The pacing was really smooth throughout this read. I didn’t come across a lot of technical, typo or editing errors that stood out to me. I had not issues with any names of characters or places within the story tripping me up either. This was one of those very easy to read books.
The world building was solid. I’m starting to like these science fiction worlds where we see how our world has advanced and of course they have their own new set of issues with the technologies they’ve discovered over the years. Beyond the starting location which  seems to basically be a campus of sorts where clones are raised to prepare to enter the rest of the world with their intended skills.
Lastly, the character development was done really well. The inclusion of the clones made things very interesting as this story progresses. We had some really good relationships in this story along with some solid arcs. Once again with the inclusion of clones this makes things really interesting and did have me guessing a few times on what was happening and I was usually wrong. I really like that feeling in reads like this!
All in all this really was a fun and easy read. I think if I was quite a bit younger I might have liked this one even more. I don’t want to take away from the fact this is a good story and was well written. I just personally struggle connecting at times with younger characters. I do plan on keeping up with this series if that tells you anything.

World Building 4/5
Pacing 4.5/5
Character Development 4/5

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