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Book Review: Freedom’s Fall

Table of Contents

War in the Heavens for Freedom on Earth

The mission to 61 Cygni takes a surprise turn when Kane and crew return to Trinity Base hunting survivors. They make an unexpected ally, though the crew believes the alliance will end badly for all.

Without the time to stay and cement the new relationship, Kane begins the long journey back to earth. What they find when they arrive, makes them question all they’ve sacrificed so far.”

Title: Freedom’s Fall

Series: Freedom’s Fire #5

Author: Bobby Adair

Page Count: 199

Genre: Science Fiction

Rating: 4.5/5.0

Date Read: August 7th, 2023

I continue to chip away at the Freedom’s Fire audiobook set I purchased earlier this year. I believe this is the fifth month in a row I’ve added one of these quick reads or listens to my monthly TBR list. I like having a series like that on standby that isn’t too deep, they are short easy reads and often times give me a nice break from other epic type of reads I may be working on. Freedom’s Fall stays right in line with that. Though I will see it had a couple of unforeseen situations arise that I didn’t see coming. I’ll try and get into those a bit more below without giving too much of a spoiler.
The pacing continues to be perfect for what I expect from this series and what I intend to use it for. These are very fast paced short stories. I’m guessing this entire six book series probably could have been released in just a duology splitting it in half and it would have still flowed well. As it is though, this format helped me work it into my monthly reads much easier. I’m thankful for that! Still no real issues with writing style or names to trip me up. Greg Tremblay continues to do this story justice with his narration as well.
The world building expanded a bit more on the story and some aspects previously mentioned or discussed. Specifically areas of past battles and the future of the colonies. Beyond that we get more of the same with Bobby Adair giving is plenty to envision that we are in the story as it takes place. I’m often listening to this story while walking my dog and I find myself really focusing on the story which isn’t always easy while trying to also keep an eye on my dog and the many distractions she faces while out walking.
The character development also continues to progress forward. This is one of the areas I figured I’d touch on the previously mentioned unforeseen situations. We have some developments in Freedom’s Fall that both bring some sudden conclusions to some characters (we haven’t seen many of our main core of characters fall victim to this war) and characters needing to re-evaluate their priorities before deciding what their next move will be for book six. Out of the first five books in this series this one seemed like it took one of the more deeper dives into humanity and giving the characters tough choices to make in whether to try and protect themselves and those closest to them, or perhaps sacrifice to save humanity in this war in general.
As it’s shaping up, I will more than likely finish this series next month. It’s been well forth the single credit I used to pick up this box set to say the least. It’s been a very pleasant surprise and I’m glad I took that chance on an author I’d never read previously and in probably my second favorite genre being science fiction.
I’d continue to recommend this series to fans of science fiction looking for some quick easy space odyssey type of stories.

World Building 4.0/5
Pacing 4.5/5
Character Development 4.5/5

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