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Book Review: Flight of the Fallen

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“Faced with the approach of an unstoppable army, the people of the Citadel are forced to flee. While most of the population attempts to escape along the southern waterways, the group of newly possessed friends choose a more dangerous path.

Guided by visions, the possessed friends enter the Theleram, an expansive network of caves, stretching hundreds of miles beneath the rainforest. The visions direct them to the ruins of the ancient city of Semilae, where a hidden library lies.

Meanwhile, Raelyn, the willful demon who brought about the fall of the Citadel, struggles to make a home for herself in Derregain, the largest remaining human city. The Demon Queen has placed a price on her head, and many powerful demons are interested in collecting.

But Derregain itself is struggling, as sickness begins to spread through city streets. Raelyn knows the plague is demonic in origin, but will she survive long enough to share her knowledge?”

Title: Flight of the Fallen

Series: Rebirth of the Fallen #3

Author: J.R. Konkol

Page Count: 373

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.5/5.0

Date Read: July 3rd, 2023

The Rebirth of the Fallen series initially hit my radar with I got a review copy. I had a lot of fun with the first book and have steadily been returning to the series. I was able to work book three Flight of the Fallen into the month of June. The series continues to be very consistent with each book. These are relatively short, easy and entertaining reads for me.
I made a note about half way through the book that Flight of the Fallen was giving me strong vibes of I was in the middle of a grand Dungeons & Dragons campaign where our Dungeon Master was trying to kill party members every chance they got! Our heroes have had such a difficult time in this adventure.
I’ve already touched on the passing of these books. Again, these are fairly short, easy reads for me. No real issues with names or writing style for me to trip over. I can usually knock out a good chunk of pages almost any time I pick these books up. These may lean a bit more into the fast paced but I don’t really feel the story is ever rushed. We certainly have a good amount of action in book three as well.
The world building is done well. Again, I get the feeling like this world is built and being described to me from someone running a game for me and a group of friends. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing in my opinion. It means things can be very detailed. Book three gives us a couple of different regions with our POV’s. We have a group in the forest and swamp, another group in a cavern or dungeon and yet another in a town or city. All three were nicely detailed and unique to keep things interesting throughout. This is also a series and book with many different races and cultures to explore which can keep us on our toes as well.
The character development continues to be good. Most of our characters continue to face their own struggles within and without contributing to their growth. I believe at this point in our story that Attia and Raelyn are my two favorite characters. These characters are certainly quite different from each other. Attia seems to simply be getting stronger and more comfortable with her abilities while trying to protect her friends. Raelyn is similar in that she seems to either be getting stronger or at least understanding her power more. But I am even more intrigued by her motivations and relationships she is making in Derregain.
This series continues to provide me good entertaining fun and I’m looking forward to getting into the fourth book by end of this year if I can. I’m anxious to see how things shake out as our POV’s converge on Derregain.
I’d recommend this book and series to anyone fantasy readers looking for a detailed world, magical elements with real characters. It does remind me of some of my early readings of various Dragonlance type of novels.

World Building 4.5/5
Pacing 4/5
Character Development 4.5/5

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