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Book Review: The Castle of 1,000 Doors

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“King Crow isn’t having a very good day. The Empire’s most famous athlete suddenly finds himself convicted of treason and sentenced to the Hunt, an annual event where the city’s most undesirable prisoners are sent into a dungeon filled with treasure, magic, and… bloodthirsty monsters. Crow didn’t commit the crime, so why is he in the dungeon? Who set him up? And why—for the love of god—is his only weapon a fast-talking, sapient, electromagnetically charged potato named Spud? Join King Crow and Spud in the first book of a new progression fantasy series as they attempt to survive the dungeon of Toroth-Gol.”

Title: The Castle of 1,000 Doors

Series: Toroth-Gol #1

Author: Kenny Gould

Page Count: 308

Genre: Science Fiction Fantasy

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Date Read: June 22nd, 2023

The Castle Of 1,0000 Doors was my thirteenth SPFBO-9 read. When selecting this for my TBR I purposely looked for a few shorter reads I would be able to easily squeeze in. This was one of those. Coming in at only about 300 pages I figured this would be a short and easy read. It did sound like an interesting story as well.
The pacing was very fast. I had no issues with names in this one. Another bonus was the formatting. I thought it was a great idea when the system was telling Crow information the text was bold so we knew this was system information. There was also a heavy helping of comedic relief throughout this read as well. I read thus in just a couple of days if that tells you anything about the pace and ease of reading.
The world building was definitely fantastical to say the least. Granted we only spend a short time in the greater part of the world before we are plunged into the depths of the dungeon for the remainder of our time. But the scope of this wild dungeon still allows for a ton of different unique locations and experiences.
The character development was good as well. King Crow starts off as a likeable character from the start. As the story progresses though we find out there is potentially much more both to him and his adopted father. And we can’t forget about Spud and Perry our sentient vegetables. Crows crosses oaths with a wide range of unique races, characters, creatures and creations.
In closing I’ll say if some hints I dropped above weren’t clear enough, this was one wild ride! In some brief chats with Kenny I described this as a mash up of Maze Runner and The Running Man. The only addition to that I’d make is if those were written by Mel Brooks. I don’t expect this one to win a lot of literary awards due to this. But I do feel for the reader who is looking for something very different and is leaning a bit more into the science fiction side of fantasy this can be a fun one for sure!
I know Kenny is getting close to releasing the second book which is why I slid this up in my TBR. You can bet I’ll be checking out book two when I get my hands on it! I need to know what lies ahead in the next level of the dungeon!

World Building 4.5/5
Pacing 4/5
Character Development 4/5

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