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Book Review: Tattered Banners

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“The fall of Paril paves the way for the Cursed Army to invade the rest of Gorania. Thousands of runaways from all six kingdoms flock north to the Frozen Forest, and humanity is put to the test as the Goranians are about to fight each other to the death for their place in Karun’s Cave.

Nardine and her mother believe they still have a slim fighting chance to end the Cursed invasion, but first they have to convince their restless vassals who are on the brink of mutiny, then deal with the obstinate Skandivians who regard the Bermanians as the threat. Halgrim seeks a friend’s help to catch up with his family fleeing north, but the cost of that help might be heavier than he thinks. And Leila, dragged into a war she hasn’t sought, makes an uncalculated move that will shift the odds, but not necessarily in the Goranians’ favor.

War of the Last Day enters a starker phase as more Goranian kingdoms fall, leaving the fate of mankind in the hands of clashing factions. Unless they realize that their broken sigils and tattered banners have become obsolete, nothing will stop the Cursed from annihilating every human being in Gorania.”

Title: Tattered Banners

Series: War of the Last Day #2

Author: Karim Soliman

Page Count: 376

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.5/5.0

Date Read: February 13th, 2023

I began my journey into the War of the Last Day and the world of Gorania last year and really enjoyed book one and the prequel both. As I continue to work through my open series and either finish them or at least get caught up on released books I decided to jump into book two from this world. I’m really glad I did. I’ve been on a bit of a stretch of quick and easy visual reads and it continues with this one.
I’m really enjoying the different storylines taking place and what was once two is not split again into three. We are seeing some growth of our characters Tattered Banners but even more we are learning about the world around our characters. I mentioned to Karim that I was reading this one and he said he hopes I enjoy the chaos. This was certainly a good way to explain what is happening throughout this book. It’s not so much chaos that I don’t know what is happening around me. Lord knows I’ve had a couple of those reads lately. This is just utter chaos that our characters are constantly being thrown into.
I’ll try not to give too much away as far as what’s going on and the timeline but I’d like to say I can’t wait to see where things go from here with Leila, Halgrim, Zahra, Nardine and of course Frankil and Ben.
The way book two ended and the epilogue just have my mind reaching for possibilities at this point. Looking forward to Karim’s next installment in this easily entertaining fantasy world.
The character building was on par and perhaps slightly better than book one. We’ve learned a lot about these characters already but with some new information and new relationships it’s been interesting to see how they evolve from here.
The world building continues to expand in detail. Karim has certainly put together a rather large world for us to explore his story but I felt like we learned more details about several locations and cultures this time around.
The pacing continues to be strong in this series. I wouldn’t necessarily consider each book an epic fantasy but they are full of action and so easy to read. They are on the shorter side which makes them fairly easy to squeeze into anyone’s TBR who enjoys fantasy.
With that all being said I am looking forward to the third book in this series. I’m not sure how many more books Karim intends to create for this world but time will tell and I’ll do my best to keep up as they are released. I know the title and cover was revealed to those signed up to Karim’s mailing list last week so I know that one is looking good. I’d recommend this to any readers of fantasy looking for an action packed quick read.

World Building 4.5/5
Pacing 5/5
Character Development 5/5

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