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Book Review: Bones to the Wind

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“Rasia is determined to destroy her old man’s record in the Forging, a trial each child must succeed to come of age. All Rasia needs to do is hunt down a gonda, hitch its tentacle ass to her windship, and haul it back home in record time. Easy. Or it would be if Rasia wasn’t stuck on the same team as Nico—a know-it-all, spoiled, grubworm who never does anything Rasia tells her to do.

Nico doesn’t care about Rasia’s egotistical dreams of glory. This is her brother’s last chance to pass the Forging or her father is going to banish him from the family. She needs to scour the desert to find whatever team the bones placed him on and help him kill a gonda before it kills him.

Too bad Nico and Rasia can’t get along to steer a windship straight.”

Title: Bones to the Wind

Series: A Forging of Age #1

Author: Tatiana Obey

Page Count: 476

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Date Read: December 28th, 2022

This was my final assigned read for the Indie Ink Awards of 2022 for a specific category. I’m trying to remain a bit vague on these reads as to not spoil any releases from the contest. I also had high hopes going into this one as another reader in the community recently read this and loved it.
The world building was done really well in Bones to the Wind. We get a good overall feel both of geographical details as well as the different cultures laid out for us. It was interesting to see how these different cultures exist and how most people from each view each other. Tatiana also did a great job in detailing how dire things are in this world both in survival of people in the populated areas and especially out in the barren wilds.
The pacing was solid throughout the read. We certainly have a lot of introduction as this was book one in the duology but we also had more than enough action to offset these moments. The writing style was also smooth and easy to read.
The character development was mostly great as well. I had a lot of fun and interest in so many of these characters that the author has put into this wonderful story. The only hang up I had was the amount of what I hope were young adults in this story having raging sexual hormones. It just began to feel rather gratuitous by the mid point of the book. It felt like this was a way for these young adults who lived sheltered lives up to this point to go on an adventure accompanied by sex at every turn. I don’t want to beat this point up so I’ll also say the amount of coming to age and found family and even true family in this story was tremendous! By the end of the book we see so much growth by Kai, Rasia and Nico! All three characters were done so well!
Overall I still truly enjoyed this read and will certainly be picking up the second book as I need to know what happens from here. That should tell you something in itself even with the issue I mentioned above lingering. If you like fantasy adventure with survival, magic and plenty of action (and don’t mind a lot of sexual exploits of young characters) I’m certain you’ll love this book. Even if you fall short on any one of those points I’d be surprised if you didn’t find enjoyment in this read as I did.

World Building 4/5
Pacing 4/5
Character Development 4.5/5

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