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July made it three months in a row that I was able to completely finish my TBR. I even got a couple bonus reads in for the month. It’s going to be tight but I might be able to achieve this yet another month. Only time will tell.

About My Mother by Peggy Rowe:  As a huge fan of Mike Rowe and lots of what he does. I had heard from his podcast that his mother was writing a book. I’ve owned this one for quite awhile and even briefly started it several months ago before switching out to more traditional reads for my style. However, I was enjoying it so I want to get back to it. I decided to include it into my August TBR and finish it up.

Priest of Bones by Peter McLean:  After finishing up book one of this series rather quickly and enjoying it last month, I felt it warranted the effort of diving right into book two for the month of August. I’m looking forward to what Tomas and the Pious Men get into next!


The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest by Stieg Larsson:  After enjoying the first two books in the previous months, just like the above mentioned book, I want to dive right into the third book from the Millennium series. I also realize this was the final book in this series written by Stieg Larsson so I will probably be treating this like a trilogy and stopping after this one. I don’t know much about the rest of those written by the new author but the ratings don’t seem as good.

Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree:  I’ve heard a lot of great things about this book in the last few months. I’ve also listened to a book or two on audio with narration by Travis Baldree so I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of a story he weaves with this one. As mentioned there has been a bit of a buzz around this book. It looks like a very short and fun read so should be easy to squeeze into the month of August.

The Third Crossing by Karim Soliman:  I’ve noticed a pattern here. This is yet another book from a series I read last month. I really enjoyed the first book in this series by Karim Soliman. This one is actually a shorter novella type prequel so again as I’m loading up the month another short one sounded perfect to add to the list.


Light Fighters by Palmer Pickering:  Once again this is continuing a series I began last month. The first book wasn’t initially on my July TBR list and was a complete bonus read. However, I enjoyed it so much I didn’t even wait for August to begin before I took a dive into the second one here. This series is shaping up to be one of, if not my favorite of 2022.


Prey by Michael Crichton I’m still slowly working through my collection of Michael Crichton books that I own. Last year I knocked out both Andromedia and Jurassic Park novels. I’m looking forward to Prey as I’ve heard some good things about it. It does seem to be a bit of a split as I’ve heard others state it definitely has a Crichton feel but wasn’t his best work. I’m looking forward to get into this one and making my own determination on that debate.

We Are the Dead by Mike Shackle This is one of my most anticipated reads of the month. Not only has this been on my wishlist for over a year now, but I received my copy as a prize. Add to the hype that I’ve joined a new buddy read group and this will be my first read with that group in the month of August. I’m excited about this one and hope I enjoy it as I know there are already other books in this series released.

Knight by Timothy Zahn Once more with many of the previously mentioned books, this will be another continuation from the last couple of months. I’ve been doing really well trying to continue series to finish them up without beginning way to many to keep up with. I picked a couple of these up on sale in 2021. I picked up the first one and was pleasantly surprised with it just a couple of months ago. I’m not surprised because I’m familiar with Zahn’s Star Wars works, just wasn’t sure how this series would compare. So far so good.

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